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When it comes to property management, having experience, skills and time are key. So, if you’re just starting out, lack sufficient time to manage your investment portfolio, or if you’re an out-of-state investor, hiring a professional property management company may be in your best interests.

Alltrade Property Management is a professionally run property management company. We have been serving the residents of Kentucky for 16 years.

Our goal is to help property owners enjoy their rental incomes, without the stress of dealing with management.

Our property management services are comprehensive and based on the client’s individual needs. We can help you fill vacancies quickly, rent to quality tenants, keep up with your property’s maintenance, and collect rent on your behalf.

We are active members of professional organizations such as the National Association of Residential Property Managers, and the Better Business Bureau.

If you are ready to experience stress-free property management, call us at (502) 299-3798. We provide service in multiple areas spread out in over four states. They include Southern Indiana, North Carolina, Durham, Alabama, and Eastern and Central Kentucky.

Our Property Management Services

Alltrade Property Management is a full-service property management company. In other words, we are a one-stop-shop for all your property management needs. So, whether you’re looking for help filling your vacancies, collecting rent, maintaining your units, or even expelling a problem tenant, Alltrade Property Management can help!

Below are our property management services in a bit more detail.

1. Fill Vacancies

Alltrade Property Management can help you fill your vacancies quickly. That’s because we understand how frustrating a rental vacancy can be. At the very least, a rental vacancy means operating at negative cash flow.

Luckily for you, if you’re struggling with this aspect of your property, Alltrade Property Management can help. We strive to find quality tenants quickly.

We’ll come up with customized rental ads that are designed to net the right caliber of tenants. We’ll then post it to the top rental listing sites to make sure it gets in front of as many prospective tenants as possible.

Additionally, we’ll also use social media, yard signs, and other traditional marketing tactics to get the word out.

2. Tenant Screening

With over 16 years of property management experience, Alltrade Property Management understands the value of renting to the right caliber of tenants.

Let a professional property management company make your property ownership experience stress free

For this reason, we take each applicant through our vigorous screening process to help minimize the chances of landing the wrong one. Our screening process looks for the following indicators:

  • A tenant that makes sufficient income to pay their rent without issues month after month.
  • A tenant who is creditworthy. Generally, such a tenant will pay their rent on time and uphold all terms of the lease agreement.
  • A tenant who has a good rental history. We’ll also contact previous landlords to learn a thing or two about a tenant. Some of the questions we’ll ask the landlords include: did the tenant pay their rent on time? Did the tenant abide by the terms of the lease agreement? Was the tenant respectful? Did the tenant cause excessive property damage? Are you aware that the tenant is leaving?
  • A tenant who has a good criminal history? It’s our duty to ensure our tenants’ safety. As such, we’ll check their criminal records to see whether they have ever been convicted of a relevant crime.

Additionally, our screening process abides by all relevant laws, including Kentucky’s Fair Housing law.

3. Legal Compliance

If you have managed a rental property before, you are probably aware of the number of legal requirements that owning and renting a property can entail. Some of the rules and regulations that you must respect as a rental owner are:

  • Fair Housing Law: This bars landlords from discriminating against a tenant based on their protected characteristics.
  • Warranty of Habitability: This makes landlords responsible for the maintenance of their rental units. Landlords must ensure that their units adhere to all state and local health, safety, and building codes.
  • Security Deposit Rules: Some states have rules in regards to the limit, storage, and return of a tenant security deposit.

Legal issues are often time-consuming, lengthy, and costly if they are not adhered to. Luckily for you, hiring a competent property management company can help alleviate any potential legal issues.

At Alltrade Property Management, all our property managers understand all relevant laws and their most recent iterations, as there are regular training sessions to ensure they are up-to-date on changes.

4. Market Analysis

Are you just getting started as a landlord and don’t know how much rent to charge? If so, Alltrade Property Management can help.

We can analyze comparative rents in your area to help you come up with the perfect price. The appropriate rate for rent is one that meets two basic criteria: it enables you to maximize your income and ensures your property is attractive to prospective tenants.

In addition, we can also help you with rent collection. Our goal is to help make it convenient for tenants and consistent for you, which we achieve through our variety of payment options.

A professional property management company can handle all aspects of your South Louisville rental

5. Financial Reporting

Staying aware of your property’s financial performance is paramount as a property owner. We’ll help you track your property’s progress and financial wellbeing through regular updates and reports. What’s even better, you’ll be able to easily access these reports any time via our convenient online portal.

About South Louisville, Kentucky

South Louisville is a neighborhood two miles south of downtown Louisville in Jefferson County. It is also referred to as South Side. The neighborhood is bounded by 3rd Street, Longfield Avenue, Taylor Boulevard, Central Avenue, the CSX railroad tracks, and Industry Road.

South Louisville is estimated to have a population of about 3,810 inhabitants.

South Louisville might not be a city, but it can surely knock your socks off in regards to the available attractions. Some of the attractions in and around the neighborhood include Churchill Downs, Louisville Mega Cavern, Louisville Zoo, and Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory.

Others are Waterfront Park, Mohammad Ali Center, and the Speed Art Museum.

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

In addition to providing quality property management services to South Louisville, we proudly serve Louisville and its surrounding neighborhoods, like Highlands and West Louisville, as well as greater Jefferson County.