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If you’re looking for a professional property manager to help manage your apartment, Alltrade Property Management can help. 

Since 2005, we have expanded to manage over 5,000 units in 4 different states. These include areas of North Carolina, Eastern and Central Kentucky, Southern Indiana, and Alabama. We have a dedicated and experienced team of property managers whose sole aim is to help you succeed with your rental property. 

Our goal is to help maximize our client’s income through our superior apartment management services. We’ll maintain it regularly, respond to tenant maintenance requests promptly, and provide you with regular updates regarding your property’s financial performance. 

If you have an apartment and would like professional help managing it, give us a call. You can rely on our use of cutting-edge technology to help simplify the management of your rental property. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us by filling out our Client Inquiry Form. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have, as well as craft a custom apartment management service package for you. 

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Our Apartment Management Services

We offer apartment property owners a range of property management services. They are flexible and can be as comprehensive as you need. Our goal is to save you money while maximizing your return on investment. Some of the services you can expect when you work with us include: 

apartment property management services

1. Thorough Tenant Screening 

At Alltrade Property Management, we understand the importance of having qualified tenants reside at your property. This is why we don’t just rent to anyone who applies to live in the apartments that we manage. We only rent to tenants that qualify based on our screening criteria and we examine a multitude of factors in our screening process. 

First and foremost, we examine the ability of a tenant to pay their rent in full and on-time. For this reason, we only rent to tenants that earn at least 3X the price of rent per month. So, supposing the price of rent is $1,000, then we only allow tenants that make at least $3,000 to continue with the screening process. 

We also screen tenants based on their credit score. After all, if a tenant is keen on their finances, chances are that they will also be keen to pay their rent on time. 

Other details that we check include the prospective tenant’s rental, criminal, and employment history. Through this process, we are able to find qualified tenants for our clients’ apartments. These are tenants that pay rent on time, notify you of maintenance issues on time, and care for the property like their own. 

2. Detailed Financial Reporting 

At Alltrade Property Management, we understand the value of keeping our clients updated on the financial performance of their property. We use Rent Manager, one of the industry’s leading softwares, to provide our clients with 24/7 access to an Owner’s Portal online. 

apartment property financial reports

This provides them with easy access to their financial reports at their convenience. This feature means you can stay up to date on your property’s performance at all times. 

3. Effective Rent Collection

We will also assist you in rent collection. At Alltrade Property Management, we understand that collecting rent can be a headache sometimes. 

Our rent collection systems are tried and true. We ensure that you get paid on time, every time. Between our rent collection process and our tenant screening process, the chances of missed rent payments are significantly reduced. 

To minimize rent default issues, we provide our tenants with a variety of payment options. They can pay in person at one of our office locations, by credit card, or through a secure online system. We also ensure that rent-related terms are properly incorporated into the lease or rental agreement so that each tenant is fully aware of what is expected. 

If a tenant fails to pay their rent, we will notify them of the issue. If they continue to fail to make their payments, we will file for their eviction in court following the due legal process. 

4. Online and Offline Property Marketing

We understand how detrimental a vacant unit can be to your cash flow as a property owner. A vacant rental unit, among other things, means zero income at the end of the month. Marketing your property effectively can help solve this issue. 

Thanks to our effective marketing strategies, we can turn your vacant unit into a source of passive income in no time. 

apartment property marketing

We’ll use both online and offline strategies to market your property. Our online strategies include listing your property on top rental listing sites and using social medial marketing, among others. Our offline strategies, on the other hand, include running local newspaper ads, using “For Rent” signs, and using word of mouth. With the combination of these efforts, we’re able to rent our your vacant unit in no time at all. 

5. Regular Property Maintenance

At Alltrade Property Management, we understand how valuable your property is to you. After all, buying an investment property comes at a great cost. We also understand that a well-maintained property also helps attract a tenant, as well as minimize tenant turnover rates. For these reasons, we’ll regularly maintain it to preserve its value. 

About Alltrade Property Management 

Throughout our 15 years of operation, we have always lived up to our promise of providing excellent client services. Our service solutions are unique and are designed to make your apartment as attractive as possible, leading to better profitability for you as the property owner. 



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If you have an apartment in any of these areas and looking for professional help, get in touch with us immediately. To get started working with us, please fill out our Client Inquiry Form. We will be more than happy to answer your questions. 

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