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If you’re looking for help investing in property in Louisville, KY, Alltrade Property Management can help. At Alltrade, we understand that investing in real estate is one of the best ways to diversify and expand your wealth. That’s why we offer Louisville investment property services to our clients.

Throughout our years of service, we have helped real estate investors find new opportunities to invest, such as buying an undervalued unit, renovating it, and selling it at a higher value. Real estate investors also have the option of turning it into a rental to start earning passive income.

As a full service property management company in Louisville, we are also currently strengthening the construction branch of our company, so you can rely on us for your housing rehabilitation, renovation, and construction.

As an investor seeking to improve the market value of your house, we can help you add better features. This way, you can either choose the rental business route or sell your investment at a higher value in the current market.

Fill out our Client Inquiry Form for more information and to get started with our investment and property management services today. We can map out a real estate investment plan and provide you with various strategies to start your journey as a property investor.

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Our Investment Property Services

The objective of our investment property services is to improve and increase the value of your unit for better marketability. When you choose Alltrade Property Management as your investment partner, you’ll have access to the following property management services:

1.    Assistance in your search for investment properties.

With over 15 years in the industry, we have a well-developed knowledge of the local areas. We’re well-versed in the areas surrounding Louisville, Kentucky. We also have a wide network of partners who assist us in finding properties for sale.

Additionally, we have strong local community engagement. This means we have contacts who let us know when properties are for sale. Thus, we’re updated and can easily find a unit that fits your criteria and budget.

2.    Management of the construction or renovation of your investment property.

At Alltrade Property Management, we’ve been working on building out the construction sector of our company. Even if the unit you bought looks rough at first glance, fear not, because we can help you turn it into a more attractive rental.

We can replace old facilities and upgrade the look of your investment properties. We can also build a stronger foundation for it and add modern features that will increase its appeal and marketability.

Best Areas to Invest in Louisville, Kentucky

The location of your investment property is crucial to its success. Investment properties in prime locations will always be in high demand and for a higher price. When deciding whether to rent or sell your home, you should always keep the location in mind when choosing a price.

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Louisville is the largest city in the state of Kentucky. The property values in this city have been increasing steadily each year, and it has a competitive market with a quick resale period. Compared to neighboring towns and cities, it also has the highest rates of appreciations. Overall, the housing market here is affordable and prices have remained stable in recent times.  

These are just a few of the reasons that you might want to consider purchasing an investment property in this city. It also has a huge demographic of students and military personnel, making it a great place to own a rental home.

For these reasons and more, transforming your investment property into a rental unit is a great idea, whether it’s a single family or multi-family unit.

If you’re looking to invest in property in Louisville, these are some of the best neighborhoods you can make a purchase in:

  1. East Market – there are several types of properties here at really affordable prices. Also, the area contains interesting shops, galleries, museums, restaurants and markets. This makes it a popular area.  
  2. Butchertown Market – a charming historical area where plenty of new and renovated properties are available. There are plenty of local shops and restaurants here are proliferating. The homes in Butchertown Market have their own distinct character which adds to the charm of the area.
  3. The Norton Commons – if you have a dream home then this is the perfect neighborhood. You can build your own customized homes are offered here. The area also features open spaces for engaging with other residents. This is a great option if you have a detailed idea of what you want your investment unit to look like.
  4. St. Matthews – a highly attractive area for its proximity to huge malls, schools and accessibility to freeways. This is a great option for families with kids.
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To get started working with us, please fill out our Client Inquiry Form. We look forward to working with you!