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Are you looking for Louisville commercial property management?

If you are, then you’ve landed on the right page! In addition to Louisville, KY, we also serve the rest of Kentucky, Alabama, North Carolina and Southern Indiana.

Alltrade Property Management is one of the best property managers in the industry. We have a decade and a half of expertise, experience and resources allowing us to excel in managing commercial properties.

Primarily based in Louisville, KY, we are a full-service property management company. We also have a strong construction and renovation service unit. We believe in constant maintenance as it affects the market value of a property.

When working with Alltrade Property Management, we take care of the tasks that would normally cause you stress. We set up systems for rent collection, financial record keeping and tenant screening. Also, our team of professionals markets your property and takes care of all maintenance and repairs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us by filling out our Client Inquiry Form. We’ll create a customized program to ensure your commercial properties will earn you a steady income flow. We want to help your investments grow.

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Alltrade Property Management:
Reliable Partner

We know that managing a commercial property is challenging. That said, you can expect Alltrade Property Management to deliver you outstanding results. We have developed effective services that attract loyal tenants that renew their lease and provide consistent income.

By working with us, you will receive the following services:

1. Marketing of Your Rental Property

First, we start with evaluating the distinctive attributes of your commercial properties. Once we recognize its unique features, we develop a selling strategy customized to your specific property.

We use Multiple Listing Services (MLS), advanced technology and professional images to effectively market your commercial property. We build heavy exposure through online advertising and social media. Since everyone is online nowadays, this method proves to be very successful.

2. Tenant Screening Process

Alltrade Property Management conducts thorough screenings for prospective tenants before letting them sign a lease.

During tenant screenings, we do the following:

  • We uncover the commercial tenant’s credit history.
  • We perform a background check on the commercial tenant.
  • We review the tenant’s debt history.
  • We analyze any eviction issues.

We also review the reasons for which the commercial tenant desires to rent the property.

One of the critical questions we address when it comes to selecting the right commercial tenant is the following:

Is the commercial tenant looking to lease this property to downgrade or to upgrade?

Asking this question, and other similar ones, help us find the right commercial tenant for you.

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3. Rent Collection

Commercial properties require a strong rent collection system. If the economy is fluctuating, your income needs to be protected. With the help of technology, Alltrade Property Management practices a reliable rent payment system.

In order to facilitate rent collection and eliminate problems, we:

  • Have clear terms and conditions regarding rent collection in the lease.
  • Have different payment channels that make it more convenient for commercial tenants to pay promptly.
  • Monitor the commercial tenants closely to work on perceived problems.
  • Communicate with tenants regularly.

4. Property Repairs & Maintenance

A commercial property’s maintenance and upkeep needs a lot of commitment and time. Alltrade Property Management has the capacity, dedication, resources and skills to handle these demands. We conduct regular inspections to ensure the commercial property is safe for the commercial tenants.

We also properly maintain and upgrade your commercial properties so they are at the highest standard. This adds value to your properties and enables you to reach optimal returns.

5. Detailed Financial Reporting

As a commercial property owner, you will be given access to an Owner’s Portal. This advanced software allows you to easily check and keep track of your investments and financial statements. You will have easy access to expense reports, profit records and commercial tenants’ payment histories.

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Why Choose Alltrade Property Management?

In 2019, Alltrade Property Management was awarded the “Best Property Management Company in Louisville, KY.” We are also members of NARPM and BBB. This speaks to our dedication as professionals in the property management industry.

We’re also very involved in the community as we value local engagement. For instance, we participate in non-profit organizations in the communities that we serve. This allows us to better anticipate needs and build on our network of community partners and resident bases.

Managing commercial properties is a tough responsibility, but we can perform it with excellence. Our longevity in the property management business is not simply a result of luck or mediocrity. We have built our skills over the years. Refurbishing, restoration and construction are incredibly vital to sustain and increase the market value of your commercial property. That’s why, from a business standpoint, partnering with Alltrade Property Management is the most logical option.

We have a service-oriented and professional team waiting to help you. As a commercial property owner, you will have your own manager. This means you’ll receive the attention you need and deserve.

Our objective is always to protect your commercial property investment, increase its cash flow and improve its value.

Areas We Serve

Based in Louisville, Alltrade Property Management has a strong presence in 4 states: Central and Eastern Kentucky, North Carolina, Alabama and Southern Indiana.

Here are the specific areas we serve:

  • Louisville, KY
  • Lexington, Kentucky
  • Somerset, Kentucky
  • Frankfort, Kentucky
  • Henderson, Kentucky
  • Durham, North Carolina
  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • Southern Indiana