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The Benefits of Renting to Tenants with Pets

While the number of pet owners keeps growing, a lot of rental spaces are still off-limits to pets. Some landlords are afraid of the damages that pets may contribute. Others are wary of the additional maintenance and policies to incorporate. However, there are plenty of advantages of renting to pet owners, too. If you’re a […]

How to Attract Long-Term Tenants

Do you want to enjoy a stable rental income? Getting long-term tenants in your rental property is the top strategy for preventing a “roller coaster income stream.” A long lease provides a steady rental income that you can count on as a property investor. However, it’s not always easy to keep your tenants around. The […]

Things to do in Louisville KY

Deemed as a top-class city in Kentucky, Louisville takes its name from King Louis XVI of France. Louisville is home to some of the most exciting events and things to do such as the world-renowned Kentucky Derby Festival which features parades, races, and marathons for an entire 2 weeks. Culture and history buffs will also […]

Essential Tips for First-Time Landlords

So, you finally decided to invest in a property and turn it into an income-generating rental space—congratulations are in order. The first step to succeed in this industry is to find the courage to start.  Now what? You may ask yourself how to handle a rental unit to maximize your returns financially and have long-term […]

Louisville, Kentucky Squatters Rights

For most Americans, owning a home is the ultimate dream. Given this, it makes sense to be wary of trespassers that can make legal claim to your property by filing for adverse possession. Adverse possession is a legal doctrine that allows squatters to gain legal ownership of a property if the actual owner fails to […]

Guide to Neighborhoods in Louisville, Kentucky

Are you considering buying a property in or moving to Louisville, KY? Louisville is an urban city with a population of around 1 million people. This community, which is located on the banks of the Ohio River, has entered the national consciousness with its thriving arts scene, a wealth of history and a host of […]

Security Deposit Laws in Louisville Kentucky

Although not a requirement under Kentucky state laws, many landlords require their tenants to pay a security deposit before keys can be exchanged. There are many benefits to doing so.  For one, a security deposit can help cover for any excessive damage a tenant may cause to the property. Examples of these include holes in […]

Eviction Process in Louisville, KY

A Guide to the Louisville, Kentucky Eviction Process Evictions are very serious affairs in Kentucky, and there is a detailed, multi-step approach to it. The first step to an eviction process in KY is to terminate the lease and send a written notice. There must be reasonable grounds for ending a tenancy, such as failure […]

Kentucky Landlord-Tenant Law

Owning a rental property in Kentucky means adhering to landlord-tenant state laws. Landlords and tenants are required to know their rights and responsibilities. As a landlord, it’s important so you can manage your property well. It will also help you not to draft a well-written lease agreement and not overstep your boundaries. Kentucky Rental Laws: […]

Kentucky Laws on Breaking a Lease

Breaking a lease in Kentucky, like any other state, has its consequences. Tenants cannot break a lease simply because they changed their minds or want to move somewhere else for basic reasons. Leases are binding contracts. Once signed, both you and your tenants must honor them. This article will focus on the laws governing Louisville, […]