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Rent Increase Laws in Kentucky

Landlords in Kentucky may decide to increase their rental prices for multiple legitimate reasons. They might increase rent in response to tax increases, to pay for property maintenance or improvements, to match market rates, or simply to increase their profits. However, there are laws that they must abide by. Rent increase laws in Kentucky help […]

What Exactly is “Normal Wear and Tear”?

Normal wear and tear often comes up when talking about property damages. As a landlord, you must know the difference between the two. This is especially useful when dealing with your tenant’s security deposit return. If property issues are a result of normal wear and tear, then you cannot deduct from the security deposit. You […]

How to Rent Out Your House in Louisville, Kentucky

If you’ve begun to notice how renting is a good way to generate passive income, then you’re not alone. Turning your real estate into a rental can be a lucrative way to earn in addition to stock market investments. If you have a long-term tenant, the income is regular. There are things to consider before […]

Top Tips When Buying Investment Property in Louisville, Kentucky

Are you a new investor in the real estate market? While you may be enticed to invest in “hot markets” like New York City and California, markets like Louisville, Kentucky are proving to be a better choice. Unlike hot markets, the entry cost to the Louisville market is quite low. The market is diverse, offering […]

Best Areas to Invest in Louisville

Are you planning to invest in the Louisville real estate market? The quality of life, rental market demand, and local economy contribute to the investor’s appeal of Louisville, Kentucky. The recent years have seen an energized growth in the interest towards real estate in the Bourbon City. However, as with any other investment, you need […]

Terms All Real Estate Investors Should Know

As a property owner or investor, you should have a decent understanding of real estate as a business and as an industry. Part of increasing your knowledge of the real estate industry is learning the definition of its key terms. Knowing real estate terms will arm you with a quicker understanding of the language of […]

5 Tips to Prevent Tenant Damage to Your Rental Property

When you open your Louisville property to renters, you need to prepare yourself for the possibility that damages will occur. Some of this damage will be light and attributed to normal wear and tear due to the passage of time. However, some of the damage could be heavy, and this could be due to the […]

Kentucky Housing Laws: Everything You Need to Know About Fair Housing

Are you a landlord in Kentucky? Making sense of the Fair Housing Act is essential. If you have a rental property in Louisville, Lexington, or elsewhere in Kentucky, you need to comply with the rules connected to the Fair Housing Act (FHA). The FHA is a law that was put into place with the aim […]

How to Keep Tenants Happy

Being in the rental property business means working to create a symbiotic relationship. Your tenants benefit from renting your property, and you experience the benefits of being a landlord. It’s essential for both parties to be satisfied for the relationship to thrive. Treating your tenants with thoughtfulness and respect will lead to happy tenants. When […]

Why Invest in Louisville, KY

When it comes to buying a property, Louisville is ranked as one of the top ten places for it! The rapid growth of jobs, population and affordability make this city’s properties a high-performing investment.   Louisville is recognized for its love of sports, the Kentucky Derby and the Louisville Slugger baseball bats being manufactured here. Additionally, […]