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Second Chance Leasing Program

Has your application been denied due to a past eviction in Louisville KY? If your property eviction is more than 1 year old, you may be eligible for the Second Chance Leasing Program, an eviction forgiveness initiative partnership between Alltrade Property Management company and the Louisville Urban League. Review the Second Chance Participant Packet below or watch this short informational video for more detailed information on the SCL program. If you’re all set, click here to fill out the interest form so you can receive program updates and further instructions on how to proceed!

Apply at Alltrade

Apply (at Alltrade Property Management)

Apply for housing at Alltrade and receive an Adverse Action Letter to confirm eligibility for the SCL program.

Contact LUL

Enroll & Take Fit to Rent

Complete the Second Chance Leasing interest form.

Next, complete the required courses hosted by the Louisville Urban League (LUL) & obtain completion signatures & completion certificate.


Apply for Reconsideration

Submit all required documentation and other requested verification to Alltrade property management for formal reconsideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Second Chance Leasing Program forgive income or criminal history?

No, SCL only forgives evictions older than one year.

My eviction will be a year old next month, can I go ahead and start the program?

No, tenants cannot enroll into the SCL program until their eviction is one year old.

Can a tenant go ahead and move into a property while completing the SCL program?

No, the tenant must complete the Fit to Rent program before they apply for housing or before their application can be reconsidered.

I need housing now; can the Second Chance Leasing Program provide that?

No, SCL is an eviction forgiveness program and is not for emergency housing. The program typically takes at least 30-60 days to complete.

If I have an outstanding balance with a utility company, is that forgiven through the program?

No, all utility company outstanding balances must be paid off before the tenant can rent through Alltrade. However, Alltrade will overlook outstanding balances with Alltrade or another landlord, as long as the tenant has made a payment plan with their financial counselor.

I have been previously evicted from an Alltrade property. Am I still eligible to participate in the program?

It depends on the reason for your prior eviction. Individuals who have been evicted from an Alltrade property for reasons other than non-payment are ineligible to participate in the program.



Interested in learning more about our exciting eviction prevention initiative at Alltrade? This packet provides all the information you need to know about becoming a Second Chance Leasing Program participant.