The Alltrade Eviction Diversion Program: Our Approach to the Eviction Crisis in the US

Jan 7, 2019
Kristin Hatten

Like all property management companies, Alltrade files evictions. It seems like we file a lot of evictions, doesn’t it? You might be surprised to know that in Jefferson County, we actually have quite a low eviction rate. What we are measuring is the number of judgments compared to the number of tenants we have.

  • US Eviction Rate in 2016 – 2.34%
  • Louisville Eviction Rate in 2016 – 4.49%
  • Alltrade’s Eviction Rate in Jefferson County 2018 (as of September 2018) – 1.35%

We can all agree that we do everything possible to avoid evictions in most instances. We provide resources, work out payment plans and cooperate fully with assistance agencies.  

Evictions are costly for everyone. An eviction due to non-payment of rent costs the property owner an average of $4,100 of lost rent, legal fees, and turn costs. The resident may lose their belongings, have an eviction on their record making it difficult to rent again and the suffer from the general disruption of an eviction.

We are now making the reduction of evictions for our tenants a bigger priority. We now have social work interns who will be working on our Eviction Diversion Program. Their primary goals will be:

  • Calculate and track our eviction rates in counties where we have properties.
  • Build a resource list for our website for residents who need rent assistance. Take a look now –we have resources listed for Jefferson County and more to come!
  • Working with our tenants to connect them to rent assistance or other community resources that may help them avoid eviction.

Interns will be working closely with Megan, our COO, throughout her school year. We are excited to see the results from our efforts. We are excited to see the affects this Eviction Diversion program may have on our Louisville community! Check in regulary for updates on the development of this program!