Alltrade Property Management provides a full-service solution for the stress and hassle that comes with managing a rental property. We offer a variety of services to ensure that you’re able to profit from your property without having to manage a neverending to-do list. 

We manage over 5,000 properties in Kentucky, North Carolina, Alabama, and Southern Indiana. We specialize in everything from single-family homes, mobile homes, 2-6 unit complexes, multi-family properties, and commercial units. 


Alltrade performs the standard property management services of property marketing, tenant screening, and rent collection. In addition, we also assist with leasing, refurbishing, restoring, and constructing rental properties. We can help you find, invest in, and earn a steady stream of income from a rental property whether you’re investing for the first time or have been doing it for years. 

We are closely affiliated with NARPM (National Association of Rental Property Managers) and BBB (Better Business Bureau). With 15 years of operation, we have reliable expertise to help maximize your return on investment.


Alltrade provides a variety of services including full-service management, tenant screening, and property marketing. Using cutting edge technology, we can help enhance your property’s financial performance. Our services include: 


Using the advanced technology of the software Rent Manager, we will market your property and reduce your unit vacancies quickly. This software has powerful features that link your listing with popular websites. These include Trulia, Zillow, and several others. 


Prospective tenants can visit our website to find numerous property listings. When they find one they like, they can submit an online application for it. If they have fulfilled all of our requirements, we usually complete our screening assessment of them in 2 days or less. If approved, we collect a security deposit from them.

To qualify, prospective tenants have to submit recent pay stubs to declare their income. Alltrade Property Management also checks prospective tenant’s debt(s), employment status, criminal records, and credit reports. We also verify their rental history.

We have automatic disqualifiers, such as an open bankruptcy or a bankruptcy filed within the last three years. We also automatically disqualify those who have eviction records within the last 7 years. Any false, misleading, or omitted information on an application is sufficient grounds for disqualification as well.


With Alltrade Property Management, tenants can enjoy a variety of different rental payment modes. They can pay using our online system and set up monthly AutoPay using this system as well. Using an online payment system can also help increase our tenant’s credit scores when they consistently pay on time. 

For those who are not comfortable with paying online, we also accept payments at our office. Alternative payment methods include over the phone using a credit card or through CashPay. We can properly guide tenants through the process for the latter if desired. 


Alltrade Property Management is currently in the process of building out our company’s construction branch. This means we are licensed and experienced in the area of property maintenance. Your tenants can contact our emergency hotline for any maintenance issues that disrupt their day-to-day life and we will handle the situation for you. 

We perform thorough inspections when a tenant moves in and out of your property. This allows us to ensure it is always in prime condition and document any damages so that we can fix them in a timely matter. 


Using the Rent Manager software, you can open your Owner Portal to view a variety of financial reports on your property 24/7. We prioritize business transparency so all information on profits, expenses, and income are accurate and precise. This makes business monitoring very convenient for you by providing real-time data for solid property analysis. 


Over the fifteen years that Alltrade Property Management has been in service, we’ve focused on making our clients our number one priority. Assigning a Client Services Manager for each of our client’s investment portfolios allows us to develop a thorough understanding of each property’s unique needs. We tailor our services to your specific investment goals. 

At Alltrade Property Management, we also pride ourselves on our community engagement. We are proud partners of Volunteers of America, the American Red Cross, and Hand in Hand Ministries, among others. We want to help make positive changes in the cities we work in and celebrate the local culture by showing our support. 

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