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We’re a full-service property management company that offers a wealth of services, from managing day-to-day operations to developing long-term strategies to ensure your investment’s profitability.

In addition to serving the Louisville area, we’re proud to also offer our high-end property management services in the Kentucky areas of Lexington, Somerset, Henderson, and Frankfort.

In Southern Indiana, we serve clients in the areas of New Albany, Clarksville, and Sellersburg.

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Jefferson County is the most populated county in Kentucky. Its seat is Louisville, which is also its largest city. Jefferson County is known for the friendliness of its residents, and for having a real estate market that has been showing promising signs lately.

Jefferson County has more than double the population of Fayette County, which is the next largest county in Kentucky. It was founded back in 1780 and was named after Thomas Jefferson, who was not yet president.


Louisville is a vibrant city with a rich history. It’s one of the oldest cities west of the Appalachians, and it’s filled with natural and cultural landmarks.

For example, the biggest urban forest in the country is located in Louisville: Jefferson Memorial Park. The city’s architecture inspired the novella The Great Gatsby.

We’ve been providing expert property management services in the Louisville area since 2005, and have the necessary experience to help your rental property thrive!


During our more than a decade of experience providing professional property management in the Louisville area, we’ve developed an intimate knowledge of Louisville’s different neighborhoods and what makes them unique.

South Louisville is home to a number of Louisville’s attractions, such as the Kentucky Derby Museum, and the Chruchill Downs horse track, which is where the Kentucky Derby takes place. New condo developments may mean exciting growth in South Louisville’s future.


Old Louisville is one of the most historic areas of any city in the United States. For example, it’s the largest area of intact Victorian architecture in the country, and can give you the feeling of being transported backwards in time.

It’s an area filled with old mansions and grandiose architecture, and has undergone extensive revitalization efforts. For an investment in a neighborhood with character to spare, Old Louisville is a great option.


The East End of Louisville is an area filled with convenient amenities. It has some of the city’s top shopping options, including large malls. In addition to chain stores, there are plenty of interesting independent shops as well.

And it’s not just shopping the East End has to offer, as there are numerous outdoor attractions as well. Tom Sawyer State Park is located in the neighborhood, as is The Parklands of Floyds Fork. The East End is a desirable destination for those pursuing a range of attractions.


West Louisville is made up of multiple neighborhoods near the Ohio River. Much of this area’s rental housing consists of old shotgun houses that were built well over a hundred years ago. Beautiful old Victorian homes and historical buildings can be found in West Louisville, too.


The Downtown area of Louisville is the biggest business area in Kentucky. It’s the pulse of Louisville, and it’s where you can find the tallest buildings and important government buildings.

Part of what makes Louisville’s Downtown neighborhood charming is that in addition to the glass and steel, there are plenty of revitalized old buildings that lend this bustling area a Victorian charm.


For those looking for an interesting atmosphere and vibrant nightlife, The Highlands is the place to be. It’s a commercial area that offers a near-endless array of interesting shops.

The Highlands is one of the most loved neighborhoods in Louisville, and offers everything from modest homes to upscale housing. Because The Highlands is such a popular spot, it’s an intriguing neighborhood for a rental property investment.

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