How Often Should a Landlord Inspect a Rental Property in Louisville?

There are many benefits to inspecting your rental property regularly. For example, being prompt in resolving maintenance issues leads to retaining tenants in your Louisville rental home for the long term.

But as a landlord, you will also need to be aware of the implied covenant of quiet enjoyment, as your tenants deserve privacy under the State’s landlord-tenant laws.

So, the question remains, how frequently should you inspect your rental property?

Scheduling Inspections of Your Louisville Rental Home

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It’s the renter’s right to be granted privacy in their living space. So, landlords are advised to perform property inspections with minimal disturbance as frequent and invasive property inspections can push the tenant to end the leasing agreement early.

So, we at all Alltrade Property Management have put together this article to help you understand when you should conduct your property inspections and nurture a good relationship with your tenant.

When Rent Payment is Missed or Overdue

If you discover that a tenant has unpaid rent, it is a good idea to inquire about the renter’s situation and inspect the property. By initiating contact and finding out the reason for a missed rent payment, you can avoid escalating the issue.

Having an effective rent collection method is vital in running a successful rental home. If you have a solid leasing agreement, it helps to ensure prompt payment. So, if any issues do arise you have the agreement to back you up.

You can also opt to engage the services of a property management company. They can help perform the proper legal action to deal with any missed rent payments.

When a Tenant Moves-in or Out

A good property management practice is performing an inspection both at the start and at the end of the tenancy. Being vigilant lets a renter know that you properly care for the maintenance of your unit, setting a high standard for your tenant to follow.

Inspecting the rental prior to the move-in lets you take stock of the current condition of your unit. You can also check for normal wear-and-tear on any of your appliances and track any damages incurred by the previous renter upon move out. This makes it easier to understand if you need to refund the security deposit or not.

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If More People are Living in Your Property Than are on the Lease

Some tenants can have overstaying guests. They can be family members or close friends, but these situations must be given attention right away.

Your leasing terms must cover scenarios involving unauthorized renters. Additionally, you should outline conditions for proper screening and approval of new roommates. When you tackle these possibilities, your tenants should know the boundaries of their right to sublet.

Welcoming another occupant in your Louisville rental home it’s a risk. So, if it happens, it’s time to conduct a property inspection, this ensures that your agreement is being adhered to and helps you ensure your property is up to standard.

Conducting Routine Maintenance

The advantage of routine inspections in your Louisville rental home is finding out early if there are any property damage issues.

Where minor problems such as clogged pipes can easily be resolved, some small property damages may go unreported or ignored by a tenant that may cause long-term damage. It’s best to schedule repairs immediately, ensuring both your property and your tenants are safe.

Seasonal inspections allow you to review the normal wear and tear and potential damages caused by tenants. You can check for the gutter condition after autumn and heavy rain. When winter is over, you can also inspect for mold issues and roof leaks.

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A good idea is to have a ready checklist when doing your inspection, ensuring it is thorough. You can assess if your tenants have changed the air filters for the air conditioners. Or observe the property’s landscaping whether the curb appeal is maintained. A comprehensive checklist will help to keep disruption at a minimum while keeping the inspection efficient.

Bottom line

Your Louisville rental home is an investment. So, it’s crucial to keep tabs on it to ensure that its value continues to rise.

The better the condition of your rental unit, the better you can attract new renters. Additionally, it will also help your current renters decide if they are going to renew their lease or not.  

If you don’t have much available time to perform routine inspections for your Louisville rental home, get in touch with Alltrade Property Management. We are a seasoned professional property management company with an excellent track record. So, get in contact with us today and see how we can help you maintain your property.