Top 7 Amenities Renters Can’t Resist in Louisville

As a landlord, you should know that tenants are some of the pickiest clients you will ever meet. Though they might have shown interest in your property, they will assess it with a critical eye. To attract and keep long-term tenants, you must install utilities or have provisions that cater to their preferences and needs.

In this article, the experienced team from Alltrade Property Management advises landlords on the amenities to install and provisions to include in their rental agreements.

Updated Kitchens

One of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic was restricted outdoor movements and public interactions. People all over the world were unable to eat out. As a result, many resorted to be close friends with their cutlery and kitchen appliances. With the pandemic here to stay, the kitchen has become an important space in a rental unit.

Renters prefer a kitchen with a modern and attractive look. More and more tenants are getting in touch with their love for cooking. We recommend landlords in Louisville consider the installation of stainless steel kitchen appliances and granite countertops. They are great investments that will last several years.

Updated kitchens are extremely popular

Outdoor Spaces

Many landlords that we have interacted with pay more attention and invest heavily in the interior to the detriment of the outdoor spaces. But with the work from home setup being used more by corporations, it is critical that landlords consider the state of their outdoor spaces. This is where renters will go to take a break from work.

In their search for a place to reside, tenants in Louisville prioritize properties with balconies, a fenced yard, or even a roof garden. These small additions will go a long way to make your property stand out in the competitive market that is Louisville.

Go out of your way to add something green to your property. Call upon a landscaping professional to do some beautiful add-ons to enhance your curb appeal.

Pet Policies

You would be surprised by the number of tenants in Louisville looking for a pet-friendly property. A significant percentage of tenants consider these furry and cuddly four-legged creatures as part of their family. It, therefore, goes without saying that a pet-friendly property with flexible policies is a steal.

Landlords often reconsider allowing pets on their properties, especially after the numerous stories of damage caused by pets. To cover the possible damage, make sure to charge a pet deposit or a pet rent that is due monthly. The team at Alltrade Property Management also recommends that you have a look at the Kentucky State Law to check on any provisions on the same.

Rent to tenants with pets

By making your property pet-friendly, you are securing long-term tenants since they would think twice. This doesn’t mean that there should offer sub-standard service.

Maintenance and Repairs

Is there a rational person who doesn’t like a clean and well-maintained space? This statement also applies to the tenants on your property. The onus is on landlords to conduct regular inspections of their property and ensure that all defects are nipped in the bud. Maintenance of your property also prolongs the longevity of your property.

Alltrade Property Management also recommends that landlords refer to the right to quiet enjoyment of space and other Kentucky State laws. The provisions of the said laws will advise on how one is to perform an inspection of the rented spaces.

Tenants would also appreciate it if their maintenance issues are addressed quickly. This is a must for a successful investment in Louisville rental property. Landlords should ensure that there is an open communication channel 24/7. And if a maintenance issue can be resolved immediately, it is important for the same to be communicated and a timeline to be set.

Ample Parking

After a long day at work, your tenants’ only thought would be to get home and put their feet up. Now imagine the same tenants being unable to find parking and having to spend over half an hour to find parking. Such a scenario is bound to lead to a high turnover of tenants. The same applies if tenants have guests and they are unable to find parking.

If you are looking to invest in Louisville parking, we highly suggest that you select a property with ample parking space. You can charge a higher rent for the additional amenity and recoup your initial capital outlay faster.

Ample parking is a popular amenity


During the term of the lease, your property will be the tenant’s home. And it is at home that every person on this earth wants to feel safe and secure. As a landlord, you should go out of your way to make sure your property has the necessary safety features.

Some of the common security amenities that the team at Alltrade Property Management recommends include alarm systems to each unit, CCTV cameras to the common areas, and secured package delivery. Also, consider installing safety glass windows and burglar-proofed/ grilled doors.

Connected Homes

There is no age that has experienced as much technological advancement as our own. Property is not being left behind on this journey as ‘smart’ home features allow devices to ‘communicate’ with each other.

Landlords may not consider this to be a decisive issue when renters are choosing from several options. But if you want your property to stand out and meet the eye of potential tenants, we recommend that you add in some smart home devices and features.

The Bottom Line

The goal of your investing in real estate is to enjoy all the benefits that come with property ownership and leasing.

Rely on the premier property management company in Louisville, Alltrade Property Management. We have the experience, expertise, and capacity to handle all your property needs and that of your tenants. Contact us today!