Top Tenant Complaints and How to Solve Them

If you are looking to rent out your Kentucky property, you must be prepared for a variety of tenant complaints. Tenants are within their rights to raise up concerns and issues about the rented premises, and while these complaints may vary from property to property, there are some common ones that run through.

With almost two decades of experience in the property industry, Alltrade Property Management offers its take on common tenant complaints and possible solutions.

Pest infestation

When your tenant is sharing the space with rodents, critters, termites, and bedbugs, their concern for their welfare and that of their loved ones are warranted. It is not only your duty but also your legal obligation to provide premises that are free from pest infestation. Any delay in resolving the issue may lead to dissatisfactory tenants and possible termination of the lease.

It is recommended that landlords carry out regular inspections of the premises, keeping an eye out for any signs of pests. Always have a professional and reputable exterminator on hand just in case.

Kentucky property maintenance

Property Maintenance issues

This is one of the most common tenant complaints throughout the country. Even with regular inspections of their properties, landlords must come to terms with the fact that the development that sits on their lot is a depreciating asset. Breakdowns and the need for repair can crop up at any time of day and night.

To solve this issue, your tenant must be aware of the protocol for maintenance and repair issues. Outline this matter before signing the lease verbally and also by including it in the lease agreement. This way, their expectations of you will always be managed.

Also, landlords should have an open communication channel. This is due to the ad-hoc nature of repair needs. It can be quite frustrating and stressful, especially when swamped with several complaints. To save yourself stress and time, consider hiring the services of the experienced team at Alltrade Property Management.

A lack of feedback

The emphasis here is on quality customer service. In our almost two decades of experience, tenants regularly complain of silent landlords. These are landlords who never return calls and messages. And even if they get the issue gets reported to them, they never keep the tenant updated.

While a tenant might want to have their issue solved in the shortest time possible, they also understand you are not Superman. All they need from you is the courtesy to give them a timeline of when they can expect the issue to be resolved (this varies depending on whether it is an emergency or a non-emergency matter). It goes without saying that once you give your word, you should adhere to it.

A lack of privacy

Ever heard of the quiet enjoyment of space? Kentuck law provides that the tenant has the right to undisturbed use of the rented premises. The state also provides that before you enter the premises for an inspection or a leasing-related issue you must have issued out a notice beforehand. The tenant must also give you permission to enter. It is only during an emergency situation that a landlord is allowed to enter without notice.

You may be asking yourself what about an instance where you suspect the tenant is violating the terms of the lease agreement. Can you just barge into the space and demand to have a look? That would be in violation of State Law and you may find yourself in a court of law.

Louisville rental properties

If you are worried about the condition of the property and you have not issued out a notice, consider doing a drive-by. Or walk inconspicuously past your property. This might not give you the intimate details of the situation but will give you some peace of mind.

A drive or walk-by should also be done in moderation. Done one too many times and it is tantamount to harassment.  

The security deposit

This is often a bone of contention when the tenant wants to move out of the property. While the security deposit is there to protect the landlord from damage to the property, there is always an issue about what is considered normal wear and tear and what is neglect.

To avoid such a scenario, we advise that you have a sit down with the tenant prior to the beginning of the lease. Provide the tenant with what accounts for normal wear and tear. This will keep the tenant on their toes throughout the period of the lease and reduce any back and forth should there be security deposit deductions.

Noise complaints

If you have a multi-rental property, this is one complaint that you have received time and time again. One tenant may be playing their music too loud or another might have invited a rowdy crowd over.

Tenants on your property need to understand that quiet hours in the evening will be enforced from a certain time. If you find yourself with a problematic renter, you can choose to evict them or refuse to renew their lease upon expiry. It is better to lose one renter than for all your other tenants to move out.

Kentucky quiet enjoyment

As a landlord, there are steps you can implement to make your unit soundproof. You can install thicker walls, curtains or make use of sealing gaps. This will keep the noise out and guarantee your tenants a good rest at night.

The Bottom Line

With the above information, you can appreciate the work that goes into managing a property and meeting the demands of tenants. Landlords without prior experience and expertise can find a hard time leading to a high turnover and loss of income. Relieve yourself of the stress and frustration by contacting the number one property management company in Kentucky.

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